Friday, July 12, 2013

Every song has a story

During the recording of Love Extravagant, there was a story that came with every song. Repentance was a fun song to record, but what really stood out to me for this one was the recording of Izreal's verse. By the time Izreal got to the studio that day we had just finished laying down the keys for the song, and Evan, the piano player, and I had started working on the keys for Daydream. So, I played the Repentance track for Izreal, gave him the synopsis of what the song was about, and what I was feeling for it lyrically. After that brief meeting Izreal went to work righting his verse, and I went back to working on the keys, for Daydream, with Evan. A few minutes later, Izreal poked his head in the room where and Evan and I were recording, and shared the verse he had just put together. Needless to say his verse was exactly what I was looking for. It embodied everything that I felt the emotion of the song was conveying, and so we went to work recording his part. What made this moment even more impressive to me was the fact that he wrote this verse off of no sleep, since he just finished working the night shift before arriving to the studio, and having just heard the track that morning went on to write one of the best verses I had heard from him up to that point. Plus that guy harmonizing on the sax is pretty good too I hear.  Enjoy a little behind the scenes clip of the recording of that verse, and enjoy the full song below. Love Extravagant is available now on iTunes and Amazon